Jessica McFadden
Jessica McFadden writes the parenting column Mom of a Million Mistakes and is a features contributor to Wheaton Patch.  Jessica also writes the popular parenting blog, A Parent in Silver Spring, serves as an editor at Nickelodeon ParentsConnect and has contributed to The Washington Post Weekend and other publications. Jessica is a mother of three.
A California native and U.C. Berkeley grad who came to DC in 1998 as a straight-laced U.S. Senate staffer by day, Adams Morgan bar crawler by night, she transitioned to life as a public relations executive and newlywed Home Depot frequenter at the turn of the century. Jessica's current and favorite persona is that of the minivan driving, bass-booming WAHM writing mama to a second grade son with a great jump shot, a kindergarten daughter who can sing all the songs from Mulan with poignant vibrato, and a baby daughter who is already giving her siblings a run for their money. Jessica and her husband Chris have lived in Silver Spring/Wheaton for nearly 10 years.
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