Bay Fireworks Chosen Despite Last Year's Delay in Takoma Park

The company gave the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee a discount because of last year's hiccup.


Despite a delay a day late, the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee will be using the same company for this year's display.

The committee, which is independent of the Takoma Park city government, is confident the fireworks will go off without a hitch this year.

"They have assured us that what happened last year will not happen again," Committee President Gene Herman said. "The fiasco cost them several thousand dollars as they had to pay the city for the cost of having the employees come back the following night."

Bay Fireworks gave the committee a $2500 discount on this year's show, Herman said. This year the fireworks will cost $11,000 as opposed the $13,500 cost of last year's display. The city provides the committee with a grant to pay for the show, Herman said.

The reason for the July 4 delay was that the wiring took too long, said Bay Fireworks Dennis Brady.

"My impression was that everyone thought the fireworks program was quite good once the action started," Herman said. "I am confident that everything will go smoothly."


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