Five Fun Walks in and Around Takoma Park

With so many neighborhood streets, there are endless options for interesting, easy walks around town.

Welcome back to Monday, the sports day for the Takoma Park Five.

Admittedly, walking is not a sport in the most conventional use of the term. The Abdon Pamiches and Jefferson Perezes of the world may argue that point, but they are in a different league completely. They are also amazing. Google them.

However, we're open-minded enough in Takoma Park to include walking among more customary sports, aren't we? Take a look at today's Five for a list of easy to moderate (to not-so-moderate), enjoyable walks around Takoma Park.

Check out the photos section to the right for maps of each walk, just so you don't get lost. 

1. Round trip from Metro Station via TPSS Food, Montgomery College, 2.5 miles, 51 minutes.

Details: From the Metro, take Carroll all the way to TPSS Food. Turn left on Philadelphia. After the Piney Branch intersection turn left up the hill at Baltimore Ave. Turn right at New York and follow it three blocks to the end of the Montgomery College campus. Turn left at Fenton, going along the other side of campus. A right at Takoma will take you past Belle Ziegler Park and all the way back to the Metro.

Why? Get a lay of the land on this walk as you experience historic Takoma Park, charming neighborhoods, soccer fields and playgrounds.

2. Round trip from Pizza Movers via Spring Park, Forest Park, Ace Hardware, 2.2 miles, 44 minutes.

Details: From Pizza Movers, walk southeast down Eastern. Turn left at Walnut, which quickly becomes Elm. Follow Elm through its quaint, tree-filled neighborhood. Turn right at  Allegheny, walk one block and take a left at 1st Ave. First Ave ends at Spring Park. Either walk straight through the park to Poplar, or make your way there via Cockerville and Spring. Turn left at Poplar and then right back onto Elm. Follow Elm to Forest Park. Turn left at Prince George's Ave and left again at Ethan Allen. Follow Ethan Allen all the way back to Pizza Movers.

Why? These parks in south-central Takoma Park are worth your time.

3. Round trip from TPSS Food via Sligo Creek Trail, Takoma Park Library, 1.8 miles, 36 minutes.

Details: Head down Carroll from TPSS Food. Veer right onto Old Carroll and Sligo Creek briefly before taking a left onto the Sligo Creek Tail bridge. Follow the trail until Maple Ave. Take a left on Maple. Stay on Maple until you can take a left on Philadelphia. Follow Philadelphia back to Carroll and TPSS Food where you started.

Why? This portion of the creek trail in front of Washington Adventist Hospital is accessible and good for fall weather. 

4. East-West Highway tour from New Hampshire to Chicago, 1.8 miles, 38 minutes.

Details: Starting on the corner of East-West Highway and New Hampshire, take the 410 tour all the way to Chicago Ave at Silver Spring Intermediate Park.

Why? If you do this one early enough in the day, you can picnic at the park once you get there.

5. Round trip from Advance Auto Parts via Takoma Park City Limits, 8.3 miles, 2 hours 48 minutes.

Details: This walk follows the city limits of Takoma Park. Okay, so it's more of a hike, but if you have the time and the muscle mass, this one can be a lot of fun. See the map for detailed directions.

Why? Get to know your town!


To keep up with local sports, visit www.twitter.com/patchsportsmd.


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