2 Pi: Montgomery Blair Math Teacher Recognized for Rap Alter Ego

Jake Scott creates math-themed rap videos to inspire high school students.

His boss calls him a "dream." A student said his work is "genius." Donning a baseball cap and an athletic suit, Jake Scott, a math teacher at Montgomery Blair High in Silver Spring, simply refers to himself as "2 Pi" in the rap videos that he creates to teach students complicated theories. 

"Triangle Experts," was uploaded to YouTube in December 2011 and has over 9,000 views. It features Scott, aka 2 Pi, rapping a catchy "180 degrees of fun/We solve triangles one-by-one" and a guest appearance by a student who raps in Spanish. 

Scott was recently profiled by the Washington Post where everyone from Principal Renay Johnson to the local branch of the NAACP praised his creativity and effort in teaching students.

From the Post:

The rap videos are not part of the daily routine, but Scott weaves one in if there’s time.

“He sees there is a different way to teach students,” says Alazare Bati, 15.

For Scott, math rap was something of an accident — an idea that emerged as he sought to spark interest and “take the edge off of math.” Music goes a long way, he says. “If you put a beat to it, students will memorize it.”

Head to the Post's website to read the entire profile.


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