Latinos are truly more like Republicans thru culture.

The Latino community values' are culturally more inline with Republicans and Conservatives.

That's right I said it, we Latinos are more in line with Republicans thanks to our culture.

Like many young Latinos growing up in a blue collar town I grew up thinking I was  democrat. After all that's the party that was supposed to represent me and my interest, right?? The GOP was the party of the rich and "White" while the democrats protected the Latinos. That's what the media portrayed us as and soon as I could vote I registered as a democrat. I mean I did have a pseudo- mentor from a far, a young energetic Mayor of Baldwin Park who at the time was the youngest mayor in the country Mr. Fidel Vargas. So I followed the crowd and listened to the democrats as they brought into our lil town Bill Clinton with their left leaning rhetoric. Caught up in the moment I eagerly sought out Candidate Clinton and took pictures with him at Morgan Park I was thoroughly and emotionally caught up in the excitement. I mean, Who comes to Baldwin Park to seek out the Latino vote???

I went home thinking of what had just happened and who had come to town and what they said but in the end it was more hype than connection. The young vibrant, Harvard educated  Mayor that I admired from a far was not the traditional democrat, at least to me. Now a political science major at CSU Fullerton, I didn't see the connection. What I did see was a Mayor that was efficient, cutting edge , the "E Team" concept and Fiscally conservative. This young mayor eschewed family values and his deep ties to the community was evident. My paradigm had just been shifted.

I wanted to connect to the democrats because I wanted to be included but the more I looked into it the more  and more I realized it was not for me. My family values were not the same at the ones the democrats were pushing. My father worked 2-3 jobs and so did my mother all while being phenomenal parents. Always independent and never relying on Govt for a hand out. Eventually my parents started their own business and they still kept 2 jobs each. The lessons of hard work, perseverance, persistence, doing for self and not giving up were the direct opposite of what the democrats were telling me.

Education was a priority to my parents. My father wanted to be an attorney while in Mexico but that was cut short because of family obligations. Later it was a shot at playing professional soccer for ATLAS. So his dream of being an attorney was never met but it served as a template for me to follow. My mother didn't have the same chances and only complete grade school but that wasn't a deter ant for her to pushed us to get what was not afforded to her as a child . I wanted to make my parents proud of my grades so I kept pushing.

My parents came to this country to work and live the American Dream. They didn't come here for the Govt programs and were not dependent on it. The democrats told me top depend on Govt Assistance and use Govt to lift myself up, my upbringing told me different. The values of my grandparents were to work and provide for my family and not allow others to do for me what I should do for my self. "Entitlement" was not a value learned in my family nor from my grandparents. "Pongase a trabajar y no sea Huevon", "get to work and don't be lazy" the words of my stern grandmother who never trusted the Govt in Mexico as many others her age did. The mistrust of the Govt runs deep in Mexico. The corruption and abuse of the citizenry is appalling. Why would immigrating here change that ?
 The more I looked at it, the more I saw that my family values, culture, morals, principals, identified with the Republicans. Even more so today where the democrats now fight to keep GOD out of schools and in public. Religion is greatly important to the Latino community, as are traditional family values but those are not valued in the democrat party. They rather embrace atheism or secularism rather than GOD so as to NOT offend anyone all the while they offend those who are religious,mainly Latinos.

I challenge every one that reads this to look at their family values and see where their values are best aligned with. Odds are they are more in-line with the GOP.

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Baldwin Park LIVE! October 27, 2012 at 09:50 AM
Thank you Mr Schaper. California has a long way to go but it will be a RED state some day. Soon as Latinos realize that the GOP truly protects our interest and the democrats just pay "lip service". Latinos are the largest immigrant group with new businesses yet still believe that the democrats protect them simply because of perception. When reality sets in and people reflect on what their interest truly are, the clear choice is obvious. The GOP needs to attract more Latinos to be viable, but more importantly Latinos needs to speak up and stop fearing the negative connotations that democrat Latinos pepper non-sheep. Hateful comments filled with vitriol, threatening violence and personal attacks are common to me from so-called "democrats". They are so enraged with GOP Latinos not buying the hype that even my own ideologue " friends" have made it personal. Good people need to join the GOP and discard the trash talk that the demos will surely throw their way. Im standing up, will you ?
Yvonne October 29, 2012 at 01:24 PM
The difference is this...your parents and mine, could work three or four jobs, yes, but they will never become part of the Ultra Elite or even of the "main stream." Why, you ask? Because of institutionalized racism that the Republican Party supports. The Republican Party wants the poor little Mexican people to work 3 and 4 jobs at minimum wage....this keeps their businesses going you see. BTW, Democrats work hard and we support education Go ahead and become a Republican, you might get invited to a few parties, but they might want you to go and clean their house or be a valet instead.
Baldwin Park LIVE! October 29, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Hmm.. Lets take a look at what this "ultra elite" and "main stream" ideas are shall we? I would argue that these ideas are relative since not everyone wants to be part of the Ultra Elite. Your assumption that "Latinos" would NEVER be among the Ultra Elite is based on "race, class,ethnicity" and the typical talking points that the democrats use to keep Latinos oppressed. Its a useful tool to keep people as professional victims and life long bitter democrats. Assuming what you say is correct, then we would NEVER have any ULTRA ELITE Latinos anywhere. What is it you mean by ULTRA ELITE anyway? "Main stream" is also relative. I lived in Baldwin Park when Latinos were not the majority and we had limited source of shopping areas that catered to us (1979). Have you seen Baldwin Park today?? Latinos are the mainstream. We are the overwhelming majority in population, schools, local economy, housing and culturally. I terms of racism, we will never get rid of it in America. Here is a quick lesson in institutionalized racism for you since its way of course. KKK, Jim Crow Laws, racial segregation, opposition to Civil Rights ACt of 1964, Poll Taxes, Racial immigration laws, these are all examples of institutionalized racism keeping people of color in a second class state. They are awful reminders of what people can do when motivated by hate and fear. These are also all examples of DEMOCRATS in actions. All were either born in the democrat party or protected by them. That is a fact.
Baldwin Park LIVE! October 29, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Latinos are the fastest growing business sector in America and being such makes us more and more inclined to switch political parties because its in the best interest of the entrepreneur to do so. I encourage you to read this article On the rise: Immigrant entrepreneurs By Jose Pagliery @CNNMoney May 8, 2012. The minimum wage is a burden to many Latinos so why would we ever want to work for such a forced lowered wage? Business owners everywhere will pay the market value of employees and since the democrats fight hard to institutionalize it, it forces businesses to pay the lowest possible rate to keep overhead low. Business owners pay good money for quality workers. Its good for business and customers, but when the Government forces you to pay a set amount , businesses counter by demanding more return on their investment thru labor. Now, as far as getting "invited to a few parties, but they might want you to go and clean their house or be a valet instead." Now that is a racist and stereotypical answer inline with the institutionalized racism that the democrats have set in. Why would you assume that Latinos are invited to be valets or cleaning ladies, janitors? At least I know where your mindset is when you have guest over.
Arthur Christopher Schaper January 15, 2013 at 07:22 PM
The Repubican Party is not racist. The Republican Party has the better record on Civil rights than the Democrats, hands down! http://beaconhill.patch.com/blog_posts/colin-powell-is-wrong-with-a-tribute-to-edward-brooke


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