Westminster Mayor Highlights 2012 Accomplishments

What are other notable events or accomplishments for the city of Westminster in 2012?

Westminster Mayor Kevin Utz shared the city's 2012 highlights in a recent newsletter to city residents. See his letter, and 2012 highlights below.

Tell us in comments, what are some other 2012 highlights for the city of Westminster?


In looking back over the past year, the City of Westminster has celebrated many accomplishments that will guide the quality of life in future years.  We have continued to focus on our infrastructure—our water and sewer system, our roads and City owned facilities.

The most important activities in the infrastructure area relate to the provision of an adequate water supply capacity.  Two capital projects began this year:  the building of the Gesell Well and the Union Mills well field.  Both of these projects are being developed in cooperation with the Carroll County Board of Commissioners. Construction on the Gesell Well is well underway and the Union Mills location was evaluated and potential well sites are being drilled. 

The Mayor and Common Council provided funding for the renovation of City Hall over a three year period.  The roof and porch were completed this year and the windows will be rehabilitated over the coming year.  The Historic District Commission has been instrumental in ensuring the building renovation meets historic standards and sponsored a City Hall reception to celebrate this project in early December.  Funding has also been provided to begin rehabilitation of the Longwell Armory.

The multi-year roadway paving project has completed an addition 1.57 miles of paved roadway in the Meadow Branch Road and Fenby Farm areas.  The City has received a grant of $318,000 to be used for the installation and renovation of handicapped accessible ramps in the Sustainable Community area which includes the Main Street business district.

The first four houses in the Union Crossing affordable housing project were sold and the City is partnering with Habitat for Humanity for the remaining five houses.

Another important quality of life accomplishment is maintaining a vibrant downtown business area. The City sponsored a very successful Restaurant Week in August and welcomed a number of new shops this year.  The City applied for and received a Community Legacy Grant in the amount of $50,000 which will support façade improvement projects for the Carroll Arts Center, Race Pace bicycle shop and O’Lordan’s Irish Pub.

Our dedicated employees also received recognition for outstanding service.  Jeff Glass, Director of Public Works, was recognized as the Maryland Municipal League Employee of the Year for his 30 years of distinguished service to the City of Westminster.  Darlene Childs, Human Resources Manager, was awarded the Exemplary Claims Processing Award from the Local Government Insurance Trust for excellence in facilitating claims investigations.

We can be proud of our accomplishments this year and look forward to 2013.  I wish prosperity for the City of Westminster and for everyone who resides therein.


Kevin R. Utz, Mayor


romeo valianti December 26, 2012 at 03:45 PM
well lets see whT I can add to the accomplishments. I understand from reliable sourses that morale is at an all time low in Westminster. I also like to know why the parks & recreation Director was fired especially when the Mayor stated he had a lot of pep and vinegar. He left as the Mayor said "His enthusiasmand energy will be greatly missed", Mr. Mayor, regardless of personel matters the word is out why this person was fired which causes morale problems.
Ed December 27, 2012 at 08:17 PM
Care to enlighten those of us who don't have reliable sources about the reason for the firing?


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