Ward 5 Candidate Speaks Out Against Pepco

Some residents are not happy with the Pepco response times.

With 2,708 Pepco customers without power in Takoma Park, some residents are unhappy with the speed of the energy provider's recovery.

"A crew came yesterday to look at one major tree down with a mess of wires and cables. They said it would take a full day's work. Then they left. I guess they are looking to do minor fixes first and we have several big messes on our street," . "I'll be amazed if it's all tended to by Friday. They say that fixing local spots takes the longest."

Another reader emailed in that her Pepco estimate was wrong.

"The PEPCO website estimate had been 11 p.m. yesterday," she wrote. "That has since been changed to 12:30 p.m. today. We'll see."

And now political candidates in Takoma Park are weighing in as well.

The solution to the Pepco problem is to embrace public power, T Eric Hensal said.

“My answer is that the public should control a public electric utility. Takoma Park must embrace public power and build a new electric utility for the city," Hensal said. “Takoma Park would be well-served taking up a leadership role to fight for energy-independence from PEPCO and create a new electric utility to serve our residents with safe, affordable and green electric power.”

tj July 03, 2012 at 05:59 PM
You quoted me in the 2nd paragraph above but falsely assumed my words expressed unhappiness with Pepco. Even though my electric $$ go to a wind company I'm thankful for Pepco! I'm trying to be realistic about how quickly they can tend to All of this huge mess. The men and women who do this dangerous work in this weather are heroes. At first glance I don't like the concept of TPark having it's own utility. Is there solid evidence that this makes a difference under circumstances such as these?
Ryan McDermott July 03, 2012 at 08:53 PM
TJ - Thanks for the comment. I did assume, based on your comment that you were unhappy with Pepco's service, but I appreciate the clarification. It certainly is a huge mess out there.


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