Tracking Campaign Cash, There’s An App For That

Politicash 2012 allows you keep track of your candidate on the go.


A new phone app allows voters to keep track of donors supporting President Barack Obama and Republican contender Mitt Romney.

Politicash 2012, a mobile app created by Maplight, gives a quick glance into who is funding the presidential races. The nonprofit based in Berkeley, CA, is dedicated to following money and politics.

Candidates receive a tweet automatically alerting them when the feature has been activated. A shaking feature gives users a random glance at campaign contributors.

The feature is free and available for download on iOS and Android.

It’s updated once a week with information from the Federal Elections Commission.

Note: Numbers provided by Politicash were updated as of Oct. 28, 2012.

Top 10 campaign and affiliated super PAC contributors for Obama and Romney were:

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Campaign Contributors    Campaign Contributors U.S. Govt. workers - $2,095,270 Goldman Sachs - $785,990 University of California - $799,533 U.S. Govt. workers - $742,880 Google - $508,864 Bank of America - $696,598 Microsoft - $501,101 JPMorgan Chase - $635,689  Harvard University - $433,380 Morgan Stanley - $622,866  Affiliated Super PAC Contributions Affiliated Super PAC Contributions DreamWorks Animation - $4,100,000 Perry Homes - $10,750,000 Renaissance Technologies - $3,500,000 Las Vegas Sands - $5,000,000 Newsweb - $3,500,000 Adelson Clinic - $5,000,000 Mostyn Law Firm - $2,003,850 Oxbow Carbon - $4,000,000 Qualcomm - $2,000,000 Bain Capital - $1,625,000

This chart displays money which came from the organizations' individual members, employees, and their immediate families. 


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