Takoma Park Elections: A Family Affair

It has been about a week since the elections officially ended for many, but the lessons learned that day live on for some Takoma Park families.


Parents of Takoma Park took on double duty on Election Day: voting and teaching their children to vote.

Many of the parents who talked to Takoma Park Patch explained that it’s not only their civic duty to vote but to also explain to their children how the process works.

In the above photo gallery, explore the families who used Election Day as a teaching moment for their children.

Keith Best November 13, 2012 at 01:58 PM
The uncertainty of the election was holding back employers. They were poised to start hiring with the election of Romney/ Ryan. Now that Obamabots have ended that hope, employers will be laying back because of Obamacare and higher taxes on small business owners. Many are laying off people.You Obamabots have no idea what you have done. Who is John Galt?


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