Takoma Park Celebrates 1997 Annexation

On July 1, 1997 Takoma Park was annexed into Montgomery County.

Despite storms and power outages, there is something to celebrate in Takoma Park. Fifteen years ago, on July 1, 1997 Takoma Park was officially annexed into Montgomery County. For 100 years, the city had been in both Prince George's and Montgomery Counties.

"For 18 years there were efforts to get state legislation to change the county boundary line. Finally a binding referendum was permitted and a vote held in November 1995 that voted to place the Prince George's side of Takoma Park into Montgomery County," Takoma Park Deputy City Manager Suzanne Ludlow said.

The boundary change was effective July 1, 1997, which happens to be the same day Hong Kong was moved back into China, according to Ludlow.

So are you happy to be living in Montgomery County?


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