Speak Out: National Issues in Takoma Park

Tell us your opinion in comments below.

The first presidential debate is over and the talking heads and water cooler gossip hounds will be talking about it for the next few days.

But all politics is local and we want to know what issue is most important to you in Takoma Park. What national issue will affect the city the most.

Leave your opinion in comments below.

Jay Levy October 04, 2012 at 11:17 PM
The most important issue, totally unadressed so far, is why we are pissing away $330 million each day to support our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why is this important to TP?. Well, think of all the money that could be spent for better schools, roads, public transit, renewable energy research and projects, food safety, cancer/alzheimers research,etc. etc. etc.


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