Flash Mob in Silver Spring Promotes Purple Line

Members of Action Committee for Transit staged a protest for the Purple Line Thursday.

Banners waived and bodies shook to the beat of "Come on Ride It," the 1996 single by Quad City DJs, Thursday as seven members of the Action Committee for Transit, a local organization advocating for the Purple Line, dodged raindrops to let people know why they thought the Purple Line was essential for Montgomery and Prince George's counties.

Their numbers were small, but their message was clear.

"The Purple Line would be a driver for both the environment and business. It would make Bethesda and Silver Spring hubs," Ben Ross, a Bethesda resident and flash mob participant, said. "You can get in and out of D.C. from the north and south, but you can go east and west."

The Purple Line would get people out of their cars and help clear congestion, Peter Gray, a Silver Spring resident who stopped to watch the flash mob, said.

"It's also great for people who don't have cars," Gray said.

The idea for the flash mob came from a group in Baltimore that is similarly trying to get more mass transit in the area. Members of Red Line Now, a group advocating for a proposed 14-mile-long light rail project that will connect East and West Baltimore with downtown Baltimore, contacted the Action Committee for Transit to team up across the state, said Ted Van Housen, a board member for Action Committee for Transit.

Woodside Park Bob February 18, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Not much of a mob .... 7 or 8 people. This probably reflects the real level of support for the Purple Line, a few very intense supporters and a few very intense opponents while the bulk of residents don't care much one way or the other. Whether the Purple Line ever gets built depends on the funding, which is very questionable at this point given the condition of the federal and state budgets. I think the County Executive got it right in proposing to delay construction of the second -- Purple Line -- entrance to the Bethesda Metro station because of the likelihood that the Purple line won't be built for years, if at all.
BD May 15, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Doesn't a flash mob actually require, I dunno, a mob?


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