Planning Director Apologizes For Controversial Remarks

Bethesda Magazine reports that Rollin Stanley is apologizing for calling a group of his detractors 'rich, white women.'

Bethesda Magazine is reporting that county planning director Rollin Stanley has apologized after coming under fire for comments he made in a recent Bethesda Magazine story.

In the article by Eugene L. Meyer, entitled the “The Future Is Looking Up”  and published in the magazine’s March-April issue, Stanley called a group of his detractors "rich, white women" who spread fear about his initiatives.

The group of activists asked him to publicly apologize, calling the characterization "a blatantly racial and sexist slur,” Stanley’s comments drew a firestorm of controversy, including on Patch, and his comments were condemned by county Planning Board Chair Francoise Carrier.

Bethesda Magazine is reporting on its website that Stanley apologized in a letter to the magazine Wednesday. “It was not my intention to denigrate the opinions of any citizen or discourage anyone from participating in the debate over the future of Montgomery County,” he wrote, according to Bethesda Magazine.

Bethesda Magazine is also reporting that Stanley personally responded to one of his detractors, Meredith Wellington, writing in a handwritten note: "Meredith, when I suggested to Gene [Meyer] that he contact you for the Bethesda Mag article, I did not expect he would go in the direction he did.  I hope it did not cause you much concern or attention.’ ”

Wellington called that response “a day late and a dollar short” and called for Stanley’s resignation, Bethesda Magazine reported.

Read the full story at Bethesda Magazine.

Do you think Stanley should resign his post because of his comments?

Janis March 12, 2012 at 02:57 PM
And eggs have life experiences? Please. Your thinking is scrambled. If you were a person you would know that in a democracy ALL voices can be heard. All voices are welcome. Mr. Stanley's comments were rejected by the Planning Board because he was stating publicly that he did not want to hear from ALL voices. That is counter to our democratic process. The public waits to see what action the Planning Board will take now that they have stated that Mr. Stanley does not speak for them.
The Big Egg March 12, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Janis--I get the yoke. Lots of egg-talk here. I can't speak for Mr. Stanley, but I can understand his frustration. He was hired for his transformative views on down-county, and is trying to implement them. There is a group of hard-charging critics, who refuse to accept that theirs are not the prevailing views. They do spread fear--about traffic and schools and people living in apartments rather than single-family homes. They refuse to let the process work simply on the merits. You make it sound as though Mr. Stanley does not want to hear from critics. I doubt this is true. I think, to be fair to him, he would like to hear from everyone. But, once a group of stakeholder (even Rich White Women ) has stated its position, they should step out of the way an let the other voices be heard. Instead, RWW dominate the conversation, repeat themselves, and stir up dissent with fear and half-truths. I can appreciate frustration at having to counter this constantly.
Rick March 12, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Everyone should have a say, not just ones with clout, connections, or wealth. Do affordable housing advocates have as much say as the millionaire home crowd? Clearly a very narrow interest if being advocated by these critics.
Mike March 12, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Well said again
What a joke April 14, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Leave it to the toadies in Montgomery Village to come to Stanley's defense. He has offended people all over the county. His "visions" will stack us on top of each other and destroy Montgoimery County. He is arrogant, defensive and vicious. Get rid of him!


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