Instant Runoff Used in Takoma Park Election

The system has been in place since 2006.


An instant run off voting system was tested in the July 17 Ward 5 special election, according to a Gazette report.

Voters rank their voting choices in an instant runoff system and when no candidate receives a majority, the second-choice votes for people who voted for the third place candidate are added to the other two candidates.

The system was actually put into place in 2006, but was never needed because the winning candidate always received a majority, according to a Gazette report.

In the Ward 5 special election, out of the 189 total votes, third place finisher Melinda Ulloa received 33 votes. Thirteen of those votes went to the eventual winner Jarrett Smith, who ended up with a total of 97 votes and nine of her votes went to Eric Hensal, who ened up in second place with 80 votes.


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