Hurricane Irene: Takoma Park Starts to Regain Power

Check back for updates on outages.

Update, Aug. 30, 6 a.m.: There are now 989 customers still without power in 20912.

Update, 4:15 p.m.: Here's the latest on road closures and downed wires courtesty of Takoma Park Police:

Traffic Lights Out:

  • Piney Branch at Philadelphia
  • New Hampshire Avenue at Sligo Creek
  • Piney Branch (7700 block ) Takoma Park Middle School
  • New Hampshire at Poplar
  • Flower at Carroll Avenue (tree down)

Wires Down:

  • 214 Geneva Avenue
  • 506 Ethan Allen Avenue
  • Columbia/Hickory
  • 500 Ethan Allen Avenue
  • 110 Elm Avenue (gas leak)
  • Columbia at Sycamore Avenue
  • Ethan Allen Avenue at Woodland
  • 6718 Cockerille Avenue
  • 7808 Wildwood
  • 1107 Sligo Creek
  • 7122 Woodland
  • 7225 Flower Avenue
  • 8410 Flower Avenue
  • 7106 Central (all 7100 block down)
  • 7315 Flower Avenue

Trees Down:

  • 214 Geneva Avenue
  • Columbia/Hickory
  • 111 Elm Avenue/110 Elm Avenue
  • Columbia/Sycamore
  • 7225 Flower Avenue
  • 8410 Flower Avenue
  • Sligo Creek Parkway at Aspen Avenue

Road Closures:

  • Geneva at Hilltop
  • Maple and Tulip
  • 110 Elm/Allegheny Avenue
  • 8410 Flower Avenue
  • Sycamore/Columbia
  • Woodland/Ethan Allen Avenue
  • 7200 Flower near Cherry
  • Columbia/Hickory
  • Sligo Creek Parkway at Garland to eastbound Geneva at Jackson
  • Rt. 650 at Sligo Creek Parkway
  • Maple Avenue at Eastern (gas line repair)
  • 7315 Flower Avenue down to Garland
  • Flower from Wabash to Domer to 8514 Flower (crew on site)

Update, 12 p.m.: Almost 500 more customers have had their powered turned on in the last half hour. There are still 1,864 customers without power in Takoma Park.

Update, 11:30 a.m.: Pepco is still working to restore power in Takoma Park. There are 2,310 customers in 20912 still affected.

There are still some traffic lights out and roads closed in the area.

Traffic Lights:

Philadelphia Avenue and Maple are out
Philadelphia Avenue and Piney Branch Road out
Piney Branch Road and Flower Avenue out
Carroll Avenue and Flower Avenue out

Road Closures:

Sycamore/Columbia still closed- Tree Down
Elm/Allegheny-Tree Down
Hickory/Columbia-Tree Down
8400-8600 block Flower Avenue Closed tree down
Sligo Creek Parkway still closed
Flower Avenue/Cherry Avenue-Tree Down
Geneva/Hilltop-Tree down
Central/Garland -Tree/wires down
Jackson between Boyd and Aspen-Wires Down
Woodland/Ethan Allen now open

Update, 6:45 a.m.: According to Pepco, 2459 customers in 20912 are still without power.

Original Story: Takoma Park took some hits as a result of Hurricane Irene. as they were happening and 8,551 Pepco customers were affected. But power is slowly coming back to the city and we'll be tracking that as well. Check back for updates.

Pepco is assessing the damage to Takoma Park and the number of outages are finally starting to drop. Early Monday morning 3,403 customers in 20912 were with out power, down from 8,551 at its peak Sunday afternoon.

Joe Edgell August 29, 2011 at 12:09 PM
A bunch of us got lucky and had the power back on at about 1:00 last night. Pleasantly surprised with PEPCO. Of course, if they would underground the power, like such places as DC and Switzerland, we wouldn't have these outages. When are our political leaders going to have the collective will to pass a law requiring underground power? PEPCO will never do it on their own.
Troy August 29, 2011 at 12:18 PM
We continue to not have power on Flower Avenue - one side of the street does but the other side doesn't. It has taken PEPCO a long time to address the downed tree and wires at 8400 Flower Ave
sheila blake@verizon.net August 29, 2011 at 02:18 PM
e got our power back at 4 am. Congratulations to Pepco!
Joan Byrnes August 30, 2011 at 01:23 AM
Finally Power Restored to the Flower Avenue Residents as of 8:32 pm Aug. 29, 2011 !! I am not Happy With Pepco this Time Around... But The Contractors that came in from out of town... What A Great Bunch Of Guys ~~ Getting The Job Done!


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