Denver Mayor Makes Good on Ray Lewis Dance Bet

Denver mayor Michael Hancock wishes Ray Lewis good luck.

The Denver mayor, after coming off the IR, fulfills his bet with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

romeo valianti January 31, 2013 at 05:12 PM
One does not have to be a rocket scienist to know why the City of Westminster Passed this Housing Ordiinance. My first reason is the Westminster Police with its very qualified force under the present command, knows where and when the police had to make any calls beccaue of any trouble that existed in any type of housing. Because of a few bad apples, the Council did not have the guts to call out those who were and are responsible for housing problems. So what did the Council do, penalizie the rest of the good honest residents that awalys follows the rule of law by adding this ordinance to the many aready obnoxious laws that are here. On another item that I feel neds discussing, is where a City Councilman voted against the Housing Ordinance was accused by another Councilman as GRANDSTANDING. It the theory is that because a councilman takes up for the citizens he or she represents, then GRANDSTANDING it shall be called, I can tell you thism my personal feeling, is Councilman Whitson is the only one that had the guts to say No to this housing ordinance, call his vote of No, what you want. We Wesminster citizens knows, that it was the right vote. He should never worry about getting elected or re-elected to any office he seeks. I have never met Mr, Whitsons but I would like to congratulate him for a job well done, helping the people he represents which so many other politicans seems to forget after they are elected to office.


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