VIDEO: 5 Tips to Prevent Getting Robbed at a Gas Station

Thieves target self-service gas station pumps for unsuspecting victims, police officials say.

Takoma Park Police officials are reminding residents to stay on alert when they use a self-service gas station pump.

In an interview with Takoma Park CTV, Victim Witness Coordinator Diana Dean said the crime isn’t unique to Takoma Park.

“Since self-service gas stations are used by most people these days, thieves have identified them as great places to commit their thefts. They simply watch for the moment they can get to the vehicle unseen, unheard,” Dean tells TPCTV.

Safety tips to keep in mind:

When to buy gas? Fully consider where and when you purchase your
gas. Choose a safe location during daylight hours.

Pay attention. It’s important to be fully aware of your
surroundings. Don’t let anything distract you including your cell phone.

Hide valuables. Don’t leave your valuables such as your purse or
computer in plain sight. Even if the door is locked, it is hard for thieves to
resist visible items.

Take keys out of the ignition. When you exit your vehicle to pump gas,
make sure your doors are locked and the keys are with you.

Walking inside to pay? Make sure to lock the doors and take your purse inside with you.


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