Takoma Park Man Charged With Human Trafficking, Prostitution

Freddy Leguisamon, 27, of Takoma Park, is facing 54 counts of general prostitution as a result of a months-long investigation by the Annapolis Police Intelligence Unit.

Freddy Leguisamon, 27, of Takoma Park has been charged with dozens of counts of human trafficking and prostitution by the Annapolis police, according to a press release.

The Annapolis Police Intelligence Unit spent months investigating Freddy Leguisamon, 27, of Takoma Park, after area residents reported prostitution activity in the Annapolis area, police said.

Detective Amy Miguez said police discovered the suspect was driving women to various locations in Annapolis for the purposes of prostitution.

According to police, Leguisamon would pick up Hispanic women in Prince George's County and deliver them to Annapolis addresses. Police said he would make as many as 20 "deliveries" a day, five days a week.

He advertised his operation by passing out business cards to prospective clients, police said.

Leguisamon’s clients were predominantly Hispanic men, and police said some of the women are in the country illegally and worked as prostitutes to pay off debts owed by themselves or their families. 

Annapolis police carried out search warrants on locations at Johnson Place in Annapolis, Loretta Avenue in Anne Arundel County and Hannon Street in Prince George's County.  

Leguisamon was arrested July 19. Miguez said police held off on announcing the arrest until now because "the investigation is still continuing."

"There may be further charges pending against him soon, but it looks like it is going to grand jury on Friday," Miguez said.

Leguisamon was charged with 54 counts of general prostitution, eight counts of receiving compensation from human trafficking, five counts of taking another to a place for the purpose of human trafficking, and four counts of operating a prostitution business. 

He is being held at the Jennifer Road Detention Center on $250,000 bond.


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