Speak Out: Do Armored School Supplies Go Too Far?

A Maryland company started making bulletproof school supplies in response to the shootings at Newtown, Conn. Company owner tells Capital News Service the supplies are a last line of defense.

Since the shootings in Newtown, Conn., much of the discussion has swirled around gun control and school security, whether there should be armed police officers or guards in America’s schools.

But what about bulletproof school supplies?

Several Montgomery County Patch sites picked up a Capital News Service story about Hardwire LLC.  The Eastern Shore military armor company started making bulletproof whiteboards and clipboards in response to the tragic school shootings.

The company’s CEO George Tunis told CNS that the bulletproof school supplies could be effective if incorporated into a broader security strategy. He donated 90 of the white boards to a school in Worcester County, according to the report.

"Inside every classroom, with every adult inside that school you know we have a layer of defense that's built in," Tunis reportedly told CNS.

Speak Out: What do you think: Would equipping classrooms with bulletproof school supplies stir up more fear? Or do you think they are as Tunis described to CNS, another layer of defense?

Please post your comments below.


Video by Jenny Kay Paulson | Captial News Service


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Jay Levy January 27, 2013 at 01:47 PM
What a great idea. Of course, kids only wear their backpacks to and from school so why not also put as little derringer in the backpack. Oh, wait a minute, maybe dleivering the kids to school in tanks would be better, then they would be hustled into a totally fortified school building for their complete protection.


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