Report: Silver Spring Pawn Shop Owner Accuses Police of Excessive Force

Two employees of Best Pawn in Silver Spring were handcuffed when police officers arrived to investigate a theft case.

Two Montgomery County Police officers are the subject of a complaint filed by the owner of Best Pawn, located at 8217 Georgia Ave., who alleges that the officers used excessive force toward store employees during a routine visit, Fox5 and WUSA9 report.

Surveillance video obtained by the broadcast networks, clips of which may be viewed online, captured the encounter. The owner said the officers arrived to investigate the theft of a phone charger that had been reported at the pawn shop. 

After inviting the officers behind the shop counter to view footage of the alleged theft in question, a 20-year-old male employee said that the officers found two loaded guns, which they said were unlawful because he was underage. According to WUSA9, Montgomery County Police said it is unlawful for an employee under the age of 21 to have access to the weapons, even though it is legal for a business to have a loaded gun without a permit. 

Edward has filed suit against the department because he said the officers "used excessive force and acted in an unprofessional manner," WUSA9 writes.

In surveillance video posted to Fox5, it appears that one officer grabbed the store employee by the front of his shirt and slapped him on the head. Both officers force the man to the ground and handcuff him. The store's assistant manager was also handcuffed while helping a customer.

According to Fox5, the other parts of the video captured officers using a leaf blower to block access to the front door and unplugging phones in the store. Store employees said the police shouted at customers to get out. 

A spokesperson for police could not comment or provide information about the incident report because it is an open investigation. WUSA9 reports that police allege the employees were rude to them and yelled at the officers. 

Read more at WUSA9. Watch part of the surveillance video at Fox5

david plihal November 28, 2012 at 06:20 PM
curious what your problem with the sentence "both officers force the man to the ground and handcuff him" is. seems simple and descriptive enough.
ilkunta November 28, 2012 at 10:33 PM
and yet the police ask us for donations for their fraternal order. no way. STOP MISTREATING CITIZENS. I hope the 20y o man and the store asst both sue anduse the money for college.


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