#MoCo Online: Gun Turn-In Proves Controversial

A Montgomery County police-sponsored gun turn-in is generating Facebook feedback.


A Montgomery County Police Department Facebook post of a flier announcing a gun turn-in program has generated mostly negative comments.

The turn-in of guns and ammo will be held at three locations from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 11.

Dubbed "A Convenient and Anonymous Way to Dispose of Unwanted Firearms," the program had generated the following comments on Facebook by Tuesday afternoon:

Oscar Dinndinndinn wondered: "Criminals turning theirs in?"

Mary Dittman commented: "We're gonna be so safe, because all those illegal guns will be off the street and nobody will have any guns and everything will be perfect and wonderful! when can I move to VA?"

Jean Aker wondered what will happen to the guns turned in: "Will they be for sale to qualified citizens?"

The guns will be incinerated at the county's Resource Recovery Facility in Dickerson, WJLA reported.

What do you think of the gun turn-in? Tell us in the comments.


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