County Agreed to Settlement in Student Beat Case, Attorney Says

Juror acquitted on officer and convicted another in a 2010 beating of a University of Maryland student.

One officer was acquitted and another found guilty in the 2010 beating of University of Maryland student John McKenna, according to a Washington Post story.

Officer James Harrison Jr. was found guilty of second-degree assault, but not misconduct in office and Officer Reginald Baker was found not guilty of both charges.

McKenna's attorney also claims that Prince George's County agreed to pay ten students involved in the incident $3.6 million in settlements with $2 million going to McKenna.

The attorney for a University of Maryland student beaten by two Prince George’s County police officers during a basketball postgame celebration revealed Saturday that the county had agreed to pay $3.6 million in civil settlements to 10 students and others involved in the incident, according to the Washington Post.

Kirk Marchand October 22, 2012 at 02:57 PM
I was there that night, inside Cornerstone. It was the most blatant overreaction by law enforcement I've ever seen in person. In every other college town I've ever heard of the police block the roads for a half hour and let the students blow off steam. Pretty much the same thing happened the night Bin Lauden was killed, but no police, no beatings, and everyone was off the streets in 10 minutes. And no $3,000,000 of my tax money being used to compensate for brutality.
Ryan McDermott October 23, 2012 at 08:50 AM
Kirk, thanks for the comment. I've heard similar comments from other readers.


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