Speak Out: Is Takoma Park's Environment Changing?

Are major environmental changed afoot in Takoma Park?

A faithful Takoma Park Patch reader wrote in to say he's been noticing some environmental changes in Azalea City.

The fireflies normally come out in August, but have been lighting up the city since June. Also, the hostas, which tend to flower in later summer have already almost finished blooming.

So we want to know if you've noticed any environmental changes in Takoma Park.

Christine July 16, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Hmmm, maybe things have been changing for a while. I'm a big lover of fireflies and always make note of the date of their arrival. For years (I'm talking over 10 years now, closer to 14), I've always started looking for them at the end of May. And, indeed, I saw my first two over the Memorial Day weekend. My one large hosta plant has always flowered in July. I believe we are more impacted by the lack of rain and snow this past year then anything else, but this is just my general backyard observations.


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