Sequestration, Papal Retirement and the Best of Maryland Local Voices

Here are the best of this week's Local Voices posts from Maryland Patch sites.

Here are some of the best Local Voices posts in the past week from around Maryland's Patch sites. Remember, if you have something on your mind, it's quick and easy to join the conversation. Just click "Start a Blog" under the top story on our front page.

Sequestration: We Have a Choice: U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin talks about the impact budget cuts mandated by sequestration will have on Maryland.

Gratia Benedictus XVI: In Montgomery County, a reader wonders what the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI will be. Benedict stepped down from the papacy on Thursday.

Starting School Later Does Not Have to Cost More: A Howard County dad points out other jurisdictions that have later start times for schools.

Marks Changes Position On County Cars for Councilmembers: A Baltimore County councilman recently got a county-owned vehicle, going back on an election pledge, but said the county should tighten its policy on take-home cars for council members following colleague Todd Huff's drunk driving arrest.

Local Businessman Seeks to Be First Hispanic on Penn State's Board: Frederik L. Riefkohl, a 1987 Penn State graduate, announced his candidacy for one of three alumni positions in the 2013 board of trustees election.

Support HB 1462 - A Maryland Task Force for Later School Start Times: A parent pushes for support of a bill to require later start times for schools.

A local game developer asks what's next for Timonium and Hunt Valley's game industry, which has been hit with closures like that of Big Huge Games and Zynga East.

Capital Punishment: Questions for Death Penalty Repeal Supporters: Towson University professor Richard Vatz has questions for legislators and potential referendum voters who support repealing the death penalty.

Maryland's Municipal Public Ethics Laws are in Danger: You Can Help: A Rockville city councilman expresses concern about exceptions that could be coming to state ethics laws.


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