10 Things I'll Wish I had Done in Carroll County if the World Ends Friday

There are some things your local editor will wish she had done if the world ends Friday.

The expiration of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21 has some concerned that the world will officially end on Friday.

A brief in the December Carroll County government newsletter debunks the end of the world notion with the following statement:

A shining light in the darkness, NASA has stepped forward to combat many of the popular geologic and celestial doomsday predictions for December 21st. Their scientists have repeatedly ripped apart prognostications of the apocalypse because of the predictor’s lack of proof and wild fanaticism. No, the Earth will not be hit by some large celestial body. No, the Earth’s magnetic poles will not suddenly reverse causing a massive disruption in force of gravity. No, the Earth will not be torn apart by huge seismic events happening at one time leading to entire cities falling into the planet’s molten core. In fact, December 21st seems to be just another day on the calendar scheduled to come and go as any date does.

Nonetheless, all the talk of the end of the world did make me ponder the things I will wish I had done should Dec. 21 be the end of things.

What is on your Carroll County bucket list? Tell us in comments. 

1. Take horseback riding lessons with my daughter at any one of the numerous farms that offer such services in the area.

2. Take my kids to see trains in Sykesville: My kids are 8-years-old now and probably would have enjoyed it more a few years ago, but they have never ridden on a train and still get excited at the prospect every time we are driving down 795 through Owings Mills next to the communter rails. I think Sykesville would be a great day trip for a little bit of history and fun.

3. Successfully grow a garden: I have tried and failed. I know Human Service Programs was successful in growing a community garden in Westminster this summer so perhaps with a little help from the Carroll County Extension office, I can make it happen in my yard too.

4. Hot air ballooning: There are several regional hot air balloon companies that provide rides over Carroll County, which I think would look amazing from the air on a crisp fall day.

5. Attend a Rafael's deck party: I missed every single one this summer, even though they sent texts to remind me. Live music and summer fun on the deck at Rafael's, I intend to be at the next one, if the world doesn't end.

6. Enter my kids in a Mini Cow Triathlon: See how smart I am to not enter myself in a Triathlon? The Mini Cow Tri Club has some amazing events for kids -- events that are fun and healthy and don't include video games.

7. Belly dancing at Birdie's Cafe: Patch has covered it in photos and previews but I've never actually been myself. I intend to check it out next time there are hips a shakin' at Birdie's.

8. See a play at Liberty High School: I've heard amazing things about the plays at Liberty High School - shows that rival work being done on professional stages around the region. My kids and I have seen shows at North Carroll High School, Westminster High School and Winters Mill High School, we will see something at Liberty before the end of this school year.

9. Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Carroll Arts Council in Westminster: I was tempted this past Halloween but didn't do it. I will rally the right people and consider jumping in next year. If I can't muster the will to do that, I will consider the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party at the Arts Council.

10. Ride on a combine at the 4H Combine Derby: I was never a 4H kid although I grew up in Carroll County. Not until a couple years ago did I ever know about or see the Combine Derby at the Carroll County 4H Fair at the Farm Museum over the summer. Thousands of people pack the outdoor arena to watch it and it's very entertaining. I think it would be fun to ride (NOT DRIVE, YET) one of those machines. See a good video of it here.

Sandy Oxx December 20, 2012 at 04:06 PM
The Carroll County Arts Council appreciates the "shout out" about Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Ugly Sweater party! Thanks ---- and be sure to come to something "classy" too!
Kym Byrnes December 20, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Haha, I do come to the "classy" stuff, and am always impressed and inspired Sandy!
Leza Griffith December 20, 2012 at 04:27 PM
The Rocky Horror Picture show isn't "classy"? I beg to differ...
Andie Luchini December 20, 2012 at 07:45 PM
GREAT list Kym! There's always something fun and different going on at the Arts Council! You must have forgotten to mention attending the annual Chocolate Ball in February.. I've heard it's the best event in town all year! ;)


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