For Parents On "unrealistic college expectations"

A good read for parents. Discusses unrealistic college expections and how to overcome them.

Even if a student has a first SAT that leaves her WAY below a likely admission to the elite college she's pining for, if she has the right attitude, her continued work towards SAT greatness makes sense.

1) Falling a little short of a really huge goal leaves you...hugely improved!  So you didn't make that 500 point improvement.  You got 80% of the way.  Here 80% is not "B minus"; it's FOUR HUNDRED SAT POINTS.

2) Falling a little short might keep you from your top choice college, but WORKING towards a top choice college just opened up oodles of other colleges whose doors were previously closed to you.

3) She MIGHT become one of those rare 500+ point improvers.  Ivy Bound has at least six former students in that category.  Diligence could propel her to that elite echelon.

4) If mediocre grades as a freshman and sophomore preclude admission to a top tier college, a big SAT score will likely yield admission to a lower tier college WITH MERIT MONEY.  Merit-based scholarships typically have SAT score as a one of the top factor, if not THE top factor.  We know of students going to very good Universities who are giddy that they are at a good college and will come out with NO debt.  (Their parents are usually more giddy). The Merit money available via grades and SAT Scores (not PSAT) is $5,000 to $25,000 PER YEAR, renewable for four years. 

To the extent a diligent student is hurt when a "denial letter" arrives, she can take solace that there would be worse hurt had her "next" choices also denied her and she's heading instead to her "backup" college.

To the extent a student is hurt when the top choice college denies him, the hurt is mollified by knowing "I did everything I could".  The hurt is likely magnified when the student chose not to go "full throttle" and thereby reduced the chance of acceptance.

Finally, the hurt of having to attend your "second choice" college almost always evaporates when you begin Freshman Orientation week at your new college.

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sebastian dangerfield November 12, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Jimmy is real. And rarely posts. hmm... (and this guy fashions himself intelligent? )
sebastian dangerfield November 12, 2012 at 08:36 PM
and paul? what are you? a golf course checker inner? Who cares--what is typical, is to avoid questions you cant answer, about subjects you pretend to know much about. here is paul's shortened view of the world. Waaaa the rich have it too easy---waaaaaa why cant i be rich. I think im smart. My mom told me im smart. waaaaaa. Cry baby with a mediocre life --that resents the way things turned out..... \ The SAT's are for rich kids...hahahaha this despite all the tilted playing fields that endeavor to address socio economic differences and recognitions of cultural separations. Financial aid to provide for those in need, and Supreme Court reinforced quotas that promote diversity. Tons of evidence both academic and anecdotal but paul says "news flash --they dont!!" Awesome research paul..... you get a d- for your paper....intersting theory with a non-existent supporting body. d-. you cant get in to the school of your choice..... and its not because of your income level--its because you are a dolt.
sebastian dangerfield November 12, 2012 at 08:37 PM
You might also--look up the word "ironic" and read what it means. There is nothing ironic in a veteran talking about various subjects on veterans day. Again--you are not too smart--even when you use big words (for you) like irony.
sebastian dangerfield November 12, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Doug Yes...pauld and ed are same person. Hey doug...when you call me insane .....attack? Or no attack? check out chronology....paul ( ed tyrell) calls people naive, dumb and dim. Let me know doug when i " personally attack paul". And see if you are " sane enuf to notice who attacks who?..... tell me who said something first me or jimmy pursey? Me or paradise green. You imply you are rational. Lets see if you can actually properly attribute attacks. Or if your politics may somehow interfere with sanity. Now, as yet, i havent met a dem who is interested in speaking truthfully But my contrubution to this thread began with a simple disagreement with the concepts of paul. I said financial forms are better wundows into a students ability to pay than a sat score......but if i say something paul d needs to go below the belt... so i await for your observation of first attack. thanks doug
Most Popular Poster November 12, 2012 at 09:38 PM
LOL@jim laguardia. You should see squirmie (Jimmy Pursey) and his antics on the News Times forum. You think he's bad here?


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