Maryland Dental Action Coalition Launches Spanish Language Radio Campaign

Maryland Dental Action Coalition detailing it's Spanish language radio campaign.

Maryland Dental Action Coalition Launches Spanish Language Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids Campaign

Dientes Sanos, Niños Sanos to educate Hispanic communities on the importance of oral health

 In observation of National Children’s Dental Health Month, the Maryland Dental Action Coalition (MDAC) is expanding the Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids oral health literacy campaign by launching a Spanish language companion campaign, Dientes Sanos, Niños Sanos. This will include a nine-week Spanish language radio campaign that is intended to reach low-income Hispanic pregnant women and women with children under the age of six. The purpose of this campaign is to provide health messaging to reduce oral disease by increasing healthy behaviors, including tooth brushing and seeking early, preventive oral care. 

According to a survey conducted by the Hispanic Dental Association, Hispanic children are twice as likely to have untreated tooth decay or cavities as non-Hispanic white children. Having a healthy mouth is necessary for overall health, even for babies and young children. In fact, the latest research and recommendations urge dentists to see children by their first birthday for early prevention of tooth decay. If left untreated, cavities can cause serious health problems. The good news is that they are nearly 100 percent preventable.

“The Maryland Dental Action Coalition is happy to extend the Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids campaign to address this oral health disparity in Maryland,” said Carol Caiazzo, MDAC Board Chair.

Dientes Sanos, Niños Sanos will air in two parts on El Zol 107.9 FM, Maryland’s most influential Hispanic radio station. The first part of the campaign will run for six weeks from Monday, February 4 through Sunday, March 17. The second part will run for three weeks from Monday, April 1 through Sunday, April 21. The radio ad will run 71 times per week and 639 times over the nine-week period. At the end of the campaign, it is estimated that 49.2 percent of Hispanic women in Maryland between the ages of 18 and 34 will have heard the radio ad at least 10 times during the nine-week campaign.

In addition to the radio ads, the campaign also includes a website, www.DientesSanosNinosSanos.org, and a toll-free hotline, 1-855-45-TEETH. Spanish language informational materials, such as brochures and posters, are available free of charge at info@healthyteethhealthykids.org.  

The Dientes Sanos, Niños Sanos campaign is made possible through the support and collaboration of The Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy at the University of Maryland, School of Public Health, MDAC’s Maryland Oral Health Learning Alliance and the Maryland Office of Oral Health.

About Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids targets parents and caregivers with young children and pregnant women through a comprehensive literacy campaign utilizing outreach through community organizations, such as Federally Qualified Health Centers, local health departments, WIC programs and Head Start using television, radio, online and public transit advertising.

The campaign website – www.HealthyTeethHealthyKids.org – provides extensive information and tips to drive awareness for critical stages of pediatric oral health care. Tips include: 1) if you are a mom-to-be, visit the dentist during your pregnancy to assure a healthy mouth for you and your baby; 2) take your child to the dentist by age one; and 3) brush your child’s teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

The Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids campaign has a toll-free hotline, 1-855-45-TEETH, available in English and Spanish, to answer oral health questions or assist in finding a dentist. The program’s educational brochures are also available at community centers and health care facilities around the state. For more information on the campaign, visit www.HealthyTeethHealthyKids.org.

Maryland Dental Action Coalition

The Maryland Dental Action Coalition (MDAC) is a community-based membership organization that is an incorporated 501(c) 3 nonprofit whose mission is to improve the oral health of all Marylanders through increased prevention, education, advocacy, and access to oral health care. It is the state’s leading non-governmental oral health policy and advocacy organization, and was formed from a secretary's committee following the death of a 12- year old Prince George’s County boy from untreated tooth decay.

MDAC has a well-established history of assessment and health communication activities. MDAC works with a wide variety of stakeholders to develop and implement initiatives to enhance oral health for all Marylanders and monitors progress on the five-year Maryland Oral Health Plan (MOHP). The MOHP is designed to improve education and literacy, increase access and assure advocacy and policy implementation to advance oral health.

For more information on oral health education in Maryland and the Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids campaign visit, www.healthyteethhealthykids.org or www.dientessanosninossanos.org.

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Steve February 16, 2013 at 04:19 PM
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Kongo February 16, 2013 at 04:46 PM
What do your endless lies and exaggerations portray you as, "Steve"? Oh, right, a malignant narcissist.
FIFA February 16, 2013 at 04:58 PM
I have one for you Joe aka Sanchez, how about the 'ole simple NAGGER?
Steve February 16, 2013 at 05:01 PM
"What do your endless lies and exaggerations portray you as, "Steve"? Oh, right, a malignant narcissist." You mind pointing to one you angry drunken dwarf.
Kongo February 16, 2013 at 05:06 PM
The lies spill out of your mouth as easily as your fetid breath, you teat-sucking Mama's boy. LMAO
Steve February 16, 2013 at 05:18 PM
Point out one lie, Troll.
Kongo February 16, 2013 at 05:30 PM
Are you that afraid of your old alties Mitchum and Robert Armstrong? Looks like we can add self-loathing to your list of maladies.
jnrentz1 February 16, 2013 at 05:32 PM
1ke: Emma Lazarus' sonnet, The New Colossus, was written prior to the erection of the Statue of Liberty, and her sonnet was placed on the Statute more than 15 years after her death. It was placed on the statute because it won a contest. The New Colossus is not a law, and does not have the force of law.
Kongo February 16, 2013 at 05:35 PM
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Steve February 16, 2013 at 05:44 PM
Sorry to burst your bubble. I don't have any alties. Isn't it time you headed for the "gym'?
Kongo February 16, 2013 at 05:46 PM
Aww, don't deny reality, Stanker. We both know who you used to be. Does it disturb you that much that it is so easily discovered?
Chris W February 16, 2013 at 06:15 PM
Asking that laws be enforced is not racism. Showing concen about the additional debt caused by illegals and their anchor babies is not racism. These are legitimate concerns. We do need comprehensive immigration reform; however, it cannot be based on amnesty. Reagan fell for that trick in the 1980s and we are no better off. Only a child cannot tell the difference.
Steve February 16, 2013 at 06:19 PM
The mere asking isn't racist but the intent behind it is. Do you think for one minute Fat Pat and those clowns up in Carroll County are fooling anybody?
FIFA February 16, 2013 at 06:39 PM
There are growing "rumors" that the Pope is "retiring" due to criminal indictments coming at him "fast and furious". He is remaining in the Vatican after his retirement as well, insulated from extradition proceedings. Very curious, but early to judge at this stage.
Kongo February 16, 2013 at 07:24 PM
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Chris W February 16, 2013 at 08:09 PM
The great Swami Steve can read a person's intent. So impressive.
Chris W February 16, 2013 at 08:21 PM
Evets, nothing personal. That last line was for Frank, Steve, Et al. The perpetually offended crowd who seem to think every opinion that differs from theirs is motivated by racial bigotry. We can and should deport all illegal aliens. In the case of minor children, they have a choice. The parents can take their kids with them, (as a legal resident the kids can return when they are 18) or the kids can stay in the the care of a legal relative. No one is forcing the break up of families. That's just more emotional rhetoric.
Chris W February 16, 2013 at 08:23 PM
FIFA, I'm sure you are absolutely giddy about that prospect.
1ke February 16, 2013 at 08:31 PM
There is a huge difference between xenophobia and racist reasoning in my view. I am not qualified to determine whether these predispositions are pathologies.
Steve February 16, 2013 at 08:34 PM
I can. It's really not that hard.
Kongo February 16, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Are you still desperately trying to protect the "reputation" of your "Steve" altie, Stank? LOL
Chris W February 16, 2013 at 08:50 PM
To be even more clear, I would support a guest worker program. I would support the idea of increasing the number of people allowed to legally immigrate from central and South America. The only caveats I have are 1) our legal immigration policies should be designed to encourage people with needed education and skills to immigrate, 2) people who came here first should be required to rerun to their country and return legally, and 3) guest work programs and legal immigration should be curtailed anytime the unemployment rate is above 5%' and finally 4) any company that employs guest workers should be requires to pay 10% of what they pay out to guest workers to fund an unemployment fund for American workers. This will encourage wages to rise without mandating a specific wage.
Chris W February 16, 2013 at 08:54 PM
Events, The illegal immigrants have caused their own problem. They should have thought of that before they came here. You seem to ignore the fact that they intentionally do this to prevent their deportation. They are the ones who should be ashamed.
Steve February 16, 2013 at 08:58 PM
We had migrant workers once upon a time. They migrated here for work for a few months a year and returned hom. Ronnie Reagan screwed that up when he gave the illegal aliens amnesty.
Steve February 16, 2013 at 09:00 PM
Sorry BO I've got you on ignore. You are too divorced from reality to be taken seriously.
Kongo February 16, 2013 at 09:11 PM
LMAO...yet another lie from the Stank of Mom's basement.
Chris W February 16, 2013 at 10:10 PM
Look, I don't doubt what you say. This issue is one of sustainability. I am frustrated by the fact that I hear on one side that many jobs the illegals take are ones Americans "will not do", and on the other, we are paying people to stay home and pop out a kid every nine months. I would not have as much of a problem with immigration if we did not have 15% of the the country sitting on their arse collecting a check.
FIFA February 17, 2013 at 04:25 AM
Chris, as a non-religious person I am not "giddy" about the Pope's rumored transgressions, but I am not surprised either. I believe that he, as well as many others, hid the filth by moving them around. Not a symptom of religion, but a fear of losing power.
R.U.Kidding April 06, 2013 at 02:24 PM
Bicker if you want here, but the reality is your tax dollars are paying for a county dental program. Two clinics, one on the east side and the other the west side. The east side clinic sees more non-English speaking children from illegal aliens than any other ethnic group, this requires the county to pay a minimum two hours for an interpreter. Costs are sliding scale based on income. No surprise, most of these families submit income that charges $5 for most procedures. Hundreds of dollars in dental work can amount to a charge of $50. My question is where are the low to middle class US born citizens in Baltimore County who can't afford to provide any dental care for their families when this program is overwhelmed serving illegals??? And this is only one county program geared to the serving the health needs of illegals.


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