VIDEO: Takoma Park Residents Photograph Destruction

Send in your pictures of the storm.

Photo savvy Takoma Park residents have been sending us pictures of the destruction from the June 29 storm around the city. If you have pictures feel free to upload them to this story yourself or email them to ryanm@patch.com

Robert Curry July 01, 2012 at 07:54 AM
As trees get too old and overgrown, they should be REMOVED! I see many old, overgrown trees in the area, ESPECIALLY Takoma Park, a municipality in which getting permission to remove a tree is VERY difficult. "Common Sense" should encourage tree removal when the tree is very old and overgrown, especially if it is a potential hazard to homes or utilities. Such removed trees could then be replaced by YOUNGER trees, of a species best suited for the location. Yes, trees LOOK nice, except when you are viewing the "NICE" tree from INSIDE your home, through the hole in your roof and ceiling! (I had one crash through MY roof in 2005)--Unlike ANTENNA TOWERS and BUILDINGS, trees are not held to meet "Engineering Specifications" nor are structural evaluations normally done, but they seem to be permitted almost anywhere, without regard for conseqences of collapse or other "structural failure", even though a typical 70 foot tall oak tree weighs many TONS!! (As a HAM radio operator, I had to undergo much paperwork before erecting my 50 foot tall, 400 pound radio tower, but if I had desired to plant a huge TREE, in the same spot, no permits or inspection would have been required!)---Incidentally, the tower, after over 20 years, it is FINE, but storms have taken many nearby TREES, proving that such a tower is stronger, and LESS of a HAZARD than TREES! (600 lb, 50 foot tower & antennas or 9,000 lb 50 foot TREE-which is likely to cause the most DAMAGE if it were to FALL onto your home/vehicle?)


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