Gun Bills Introduced, Maryland Leads Nation in Entrepreneurship: Blog Roundup

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McDonough To Introduce Gun Bills

Del. Pat McDonough is expected to introduce two bills Thursday that he said are dedicated to preventing gun violence. "If my bills were to pass and fewer people were getting out [of jail] there would be less murders in the city," McDonough said, adding that proponents of more restrictive gun laws "don't want to talk about guns but they don't want to talk about gun violence or the issue of gun violence."

VIDEO: Making It Easier To Do Business

In Maryland, we are — according to the US Chamber of Commerce — the #1 state in America for innovation and entrepreneurship. But we know that we can always do better.

What is a Migraine?

There are four common types of headache: tension headache, sinus headache, cluster headache and migraine headaches. A migraine can last indefinitely.

Romantic Ideas For The Winter Months

Start your new year off right with wine and chocolate! There is
nothing better than Linganore wine with some of the finest local and European chocolates.

Riderwood Marks a 3.5 Percent Increase in Settlements of Apartment Homes for Yearend 2012

Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring, MD, marked a 3.5 percent increase in settlements of apartment homes for yearend 2012                            

Yoga Speak: Gratitude

I was trying to make a late evening yoga class, and it was a bit
bumpy getting there. I am a suburbanite but have found some classes downtown and, in the evening when there is no traffic, I can zip down there fairly quickly.

ACT and SAT: Eight Major Differences

1) ACT includes trigonometry; SAT does not.

2) ACT includes “science reasoning”, which is logical reasoning
based on data and scientific terms, but not based on classroom science 


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