A Dump Truck Crashes into a Restaurant and a Snickers Thief Strikes: MD Weird News

Patch brings you the top weird news headlines from across Maryland.


No Injuries after Truck Crashes through Mari Luna

A dump truck crashes through a popular downtown Pikesville restaurant. 

Snickers and Strawberry Milk Stolen from Jessup Diner

Someone was hungry for stolen sweets.

Elementary Student Disciplined After Apparent Gun-Shaped Food Incident

School administrators suspended the 7-year-old from a school in Anne Arundel County after an incident involving gun-shaped food, according to reports. 

Reports say shoppers in the Annapolis store were sickened by what was believed to be an odor caused by a Freon leak.

PHOTOS: Does Montgomery Village Have Sinkholes?

A Montgomery Village resident says a photo of a hole in the ground near the Thomas Choice Condominiums shows a sinkhole.

Knife Wielding Wheelchair Bound Man Wheels Over Woman

A man in a wheelchair threatened a woman with a knife in the laundry room of a Pen Lucy apartment building during an argument. The man pushed his wheelchair out of the room and ran over the woman’s foot in the process. 

Roommate Fights Using Oven Cleaner, Spring-Loaded Knife

A man was arrested after he allegedly puts oven cleaner in his roommate's drinks and allegedly tries to stab him.

Editor’s Note: This feature appears on Patch.com sites across Maryland.


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