Blog: 'Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave...'

A partially objective appraisal of the Carroll County commissioner's handling (or mishandling, if you will) of allegations of ethical violations by one of their own.

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’.

Sir Walter Scott was right-on in describing those-like on the BOC-who thought they could get away with giving Frazier a free pass for her flagrant misuse of county resources (specifically, the e-mail system); and, moreover, giving their blessings for her to proceed with her planned weekly prayer meetings (believing as they obvious did that it clearly  falls within their authority and discretion to do so).

But where it boomeranged and opened them up to widespread public scorn, was when they had the unmitigated gall to attempt to justify their actions, ad absurdum, by claiming (1) that unlike the working stiffs, they are exempt from the county’s communications rules;  (2) that, to quote president Howard, ”it isn’t within the board’s purview to discipline another commissioner;” and lastly, that “they are only accountable to the voters at election time.” 

A more blatant example of a double standard and of that old adage-”Do as I say, not as I do” I haven’t seen since my days in the army, what with the delectable meals being served in the officer’s mess at tables with waiters, and with enlisted men standing in long lines for food slopped onto trays. 

But then again,  there are those who contend that it was the double standard that made this country so great

I can only assume by that autocratic attitude that they harbor the illusion that they can damn well do what they please with impunity, short of being convicted of a felony or for lewd or licentious behavior. 

And as regards Howard’s justification for his complete turnaround would (pardon the gross expression) make a maggot puke, and was a far cry from his negative reaction when he first got wind of what she planned on doing; namely, his questioning, in so many words, the ”appropriateness" of using government space and e-mail for inviting employees to attend the prayer sessions, and that county staff may feel intimidated to attend them, lest they be placed on her blacklist. 

Now, as to why he chose not to turn the matter over to the Ethics Commission (where it rightfully belonged under its mission statement) at that juncture, would be pure conjecture on my part.

But if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it was because of his concerns that they wouldn’t fully appreciate the sensitivity of bringing one of the commissioners under the gun, and therefore possibly be harsher in rendering a determinations as to her culpability.

And as regards the bigger question as to what caused him to pull in his horns and do a complete turnaround on his initial criticisms of her conduct, I’d bet my bottom dollar that it was largely due to his buying (behind closed doors) Rothschild’s argument, that penalizing one of their own would reflect adversely on the whole board; and damage, perhaps forever more,  the image they’d cultivated as being a close-nit, unified group who works together harmoniously and with the utmost respect for one another. 

That image had, of course, already been shattered during the budget process, when he and Howard went at each other “tooth and nail,” stopping just short of Howard clobbering him on his head with his gavel to shut him up. 

Now, whether or not they realize it, that by approving Frazier holding prayers in the COB raises the obvious question, of if will have the spell over effect of tacitly endorsing their continuing to offering sectarian prayers at the opening of public meetings (typically prayed in Christ name). 

And if so, albeit with the full knowledge that they’d be, in effect, telling the U.S. Supreme Court to bug-off with its dumbass ruling banning sectarian prayers in public buildings.  

It’s of interest to note, that on 1-17-12 it refused to hear an appeal of that ruling by a county’s commissioners in Forsyth  County, GA, thus upholding the lower courts finding "that opening its meetings with a sectarian prayer violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution."

You’d think suing the state over its redistricting plan is more than enough battles to fight, without engaging in a war on two fronts with the nation’s highest court. To which, I’m sure Frazier would say, I will fight that anti-God, devil inspired ruling till I draw my last breath.

Move over on the shelf Don Quixote. You’re not the only one who fought windmills.

In closing,  I would only say, that I can hardly wait for her to embark on yet another crusade, which undoubtedly will be to restart her much maligned program from her first term, designed to instill positive character traits (at the rate of one per month) in the minds and hearts of the employee force, regardless of it having previously being the laughing stock throughout the county before its demise.  

Oh well, so much for the fumbles and high jinks by politicians.  

Quote of the week: “Time wounds all heels.” Jane Ace

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Buck Harmon May 24, 2012 at 11:48 PM
You have already surrendered with lack of fact and refusal to answer a simple question JoAnn. Are you an insane drunk?? I would say that based on your behavior, as one of the Patch Mob that both may very well be accurate.
Buck Harmon May 25, 2012 at 02:17 AM
JoAnn, You seem to be the kind of person that would not do well with anger management classes.....the people there would likely piss you off...and I do like you, just not the way you think sometimes. I believe that you could offer important insight to any topic, you just fly off to quick...like Rothschild and the other Commissioners with pointless comments attempting to re-direct the topic. Very poor ethics...
faretheewell May 28, 2012 at 10:31 AM
As the invite was "secular", and all are welcome to come to pray, might we assume that a satanist will get her/his opportunity to express their religious beliefs at these events as well?


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