Everyone Eats Fresh: Crossroads Farmers Market Promotes Healthy Living Among Low-Income Residents

Crossroads Farmers Market offers double dollars for those who use the SNAP or WIC food assistance program.

This week, Takoma Park Patch is looking at how the Crossroads Farmers Market is providing fresh, local food for low-income residents in the Takoma Langley Crossroads area. Today we'll be looking at how the market operates and the patrons that frequent it each week. You'll hear the eclectic sounds that fill the market, from a variety of languages to sizzling pupusas and rhythmic drums.

Now in its fifth season, the Crossroads Farmers Market aims to provide fresh, local food to low-income residents in the Takoma Langely Crossroads area.

It was the first farmers market in Maryland to accept food assistance money and the first in the country to offer double dollars when customers use its food assistance program.

Takoma Park Patch took a look inside the market to see how it works and why vendors choose to sell their goods there. Check back throughout the week for , a and a Q&A with Crossroads Farmers Market Co-Director Michele Levy.

Bailey Henneberg October 25, 2011 at 05:49 PM
Great idea for a farmers market. But what really bugs me is how hungry I am now after watching it.


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