Pete's New Haven Style Apizza Eyes an April Opening in Silver Spring

The New Haven-style pizza company will set up shop at Wayne Avenue and Georgia Avenue in downtown Silver Spring.

One of the restaurants that will soon feed downtown Silver Spring is a bit of a transplant, at least in style. Pete's New Haven Style Apizza is readying a location at Wayne Avenue and Georgia Avenue that will bring a type of pizza famous in the Northeast to the neighborhood.

Joel Mehr, one of three owners of the business, said the company plans to open the restaurant in the latter part of April 2013. He told Patch that the owners, who already operate two Pete's locations in Washington, DC, and one in Clarendon, VA, have been eyeing Silver Spring for some time. 

"The question was always finding the right spot," said Mehr. "A good location is not so easy to come by, so then when we found one we liked, we jumped on it."

Mehr and co-owners Thomas Marr and Tri Nguyen are all veterans of the restaurant business who started the company, in part, to have access to a style of pizza that isn't so easy to come by in the DC area. 

"We're kind of filling that void that most people in the Atlantic Northeast are used to growing up, which is a local Italian restaurant where they make everything from scratch and make each pie to order," Mehr said.

He describes the set-up as "fast casual," a median in-between what he describes as "conveyer-belt" pizza chains like Pizza Hut and fancy places that sell individually sized neopolitan-style pizza. 

"Those two ends of the scale seem to kind of dominate the pizza market," Mehr said. 

Pete's uses local and fresh ingredients and artificial ingredients are avoided. (The website says only sodas with cane sugar are allowed in the restaurants—so, no Pepsi or Coke.) 

Still, Pete's is a restaurant that strives to create a neighborhood feel. 

"We're still just a place where you come with your friends and family and you put a big pizza on the table and everyone just sits around and eats it," Mehr said.

tanisha December 27, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Another pizza place.
Craig December 28, 2012 at 06:08 AM
I wish the best for this place and this business owner - but I hope they've priced out the upcoming tax hikes on their property, possibly sales, corporate earnings and everything else. I wouldn't be surprised if Pete's has to charge $15-$20 a pie to make up for MoCo tax, MD tax, ObamaCare tax, energy tax, increased rent, and more. But for me, the consumer, living 10 minutes away? $15-$20 a pie? No thanks. And it sucks because this is exactly the kind of small but growing business I want to support. But I can't and won't spend $15 a pizza. And it is not even the owner's fault - he just has to make up for all the taxes and red tape heaped on him by MoCo. I wish Pete's the best. I WILL be hitting up Jimmy John's when that opens up near downtown SS however.
jag January 03, 2013 at 06:15 AM
How perceptive.
jag January 03, 2013 at 06:18 AM
Troll much? Also, Jimmy John's is already open.


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