Takoma Park Showcases Tree Art

Check out the reCYCLE walking tour.

From June to October, taking a stroll through Old Takoma will be more like an art tour than shopping experience.

The reCYCLE The Art of Tree Project public art exhibit, sponsored by the Old Takoma Business Association, will be installed June 2. The sidewalks will be filled with sculptures made from re-purposed items by local artists.

Additional tree artwork is also on exhibit and available for sale at ArtSpring Community Art Store as a stop on the tour. 

Check out the locations below.

2012 reCYCLE The Art of Tree Self-Guided Walking Tour:

  • Potted Japanese Maple. Artist: Paul Steinkoenig Location: 341 Cedar St, NW, DC at Cedar Crossing Tavern and Wine Bar
  • Perch. Artist: Howard Connelly Location: 232 Carroll Street, NW, DC at Trohv
  • Rain Tree. Artist: George Beard Location: 6930 Carroll Avenue at the Takoma Business Center
  • Keys to reCYCLE. Artist: Donna Amos Location: Old Takoma Clocktower at the intersection of Laurel and Carroll Avenues
  • Art of Tree Collection. Various Artists (see listing at ArtSpring) Location: 7014B Westmoreland Avenue at ArtSpring Community Arts Store
  • Firnished Room for Rent. Artist: Nancy Gurganus and Andrew Gurganus Location: Gazebo Garden at Takoma Urban Park
  • Sligo Creek Trees. Artist: Richard Lorr Location: 7054 Carroll Avenue at Salon Jam
  • Little Sapling. Artist: Richard Lorr Location: 7051 Carroll Ave at Victory Towers
  • Immigrant Forest. Artists: The Frolicking Female Fiber Fanatics of Takoma Park Location: 201 Ethan Allen at the TPSS Coop
  • Swiss Trees. Artist: Howard Connelly Location: BY Morrison Park at the Takoma Junction
  • Suspended Tree. Artist: Charlotte Schoeneman Location: BY Morrison Park at the Takoma Junction


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