Takoma Park Five: Top Five Reasons to Enjoy the Cold

C'mon. It's not that bad.

It's getting chilly here in Takoma Park. Lows will be in the around 29 degrees this weekend according to the National Weather Service. But you can still have fun, even when you're freezing. Here are the top five reasons to enjoy that it's getting cold out.

1. Coffee tastes better when it's cold out. It's true. Most of us are addicted to that cup of morning java and when it's freezing out, there is something that just makes that steaming cup taste better.

2. There is an anticipation of snow, which is better than actual snow. When the air gets nippy, we all revert back to children and hope for a snow day. That is, until it snows.

3. You get to wear flannel pajamas. What's better than a good pair of warm pajamas.

4. It gives you more time to read. You aren't going into D.C. because it's too cold out and the bar your friends want to meet at is nowhere near a Metro. No thanks. I'll enjoy a good book tonight.

* 5. You get to build fires. I grew up with a fireplace in my family room and it was a ritual that when it got cold my dad would pull the wood he'd chopped and we'd start a fire and watch some movies

*That is, only, of course, if you have a fireplace. 


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