Silver Spring One of the Busiest Metro Stations

New data released by Metro and analyzed by Greater Greater Washington shows that many people enter the station in the morning and exit in the evening.

Silver Spring is one of the busiest Metrorail stations in the region, news that comes as no surprise to anyone who frequents the Silver Spring Metro station during morning or evening rush hour. 

During morning commute hours, Silver Spring is the 8th most popular station for people to enter the system. An average of 6,026.7 riders enter per day during that time. Farragut North is the most popular destination for Silver Spring weekday commuters with 927.7 people on average exiting there, followed by strong numbers for Metro Center (609.8) and Union Station (660.6). 

For the evening, commute, Silver Spring ranked 9th among riders exiting the system. The average daily exiting ridership is 5,782.3. Riders who leave at Silver Spring in the evening are coming from all over, but three stations have the biggest shares of riders: Farragut North (284.3), Gallery Place-Chinatown (259.4) and Union Station (254.3). 

The data was released by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's planning department. Click the link for more information. 

Greater Greater Washington, a website dedicated to planning and transit within the region, analyzed the numbers and created the rankings for the stations. 

Here are the stations that are most popular for entry during the AM Peak, defined by Metro as opening to 9:30 a.m.:

1. Union Station

2. Vienna

3. Shady Grove

4. West Falls Church

5. Pentagon

6. New Carrollton

7. Huntington

8. Silver Spring

9. Franconia-Springfield

10. Pentagon City


For PM Peak exits, defined as 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., the stations are similar:

1. Union Station

2. Vienna

3. Shady Grove

4. Pentagon City

5. Gallery Place

6. West Falls Church

7. Dupont Circle

8. Pentagon

9. Silver Spring

10. New Carrollton


Is any of the information about Silver Spring or the other stations surprising? Does Silver Spring seem busier or less crowded than what the numbers show? 


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